-- Love Letter from TOKYO to Farmers and Fishers --


We are alive.
Because we are alive, we get hungry.
We would taste food more delicious when we are hungry.
Every single day, we could see the gifts from the sea and the land on our tables as usual.
Our body is made by the food that we ate.
However, we often forget about the farmers and fishers and their hardworking.
Let's say thank you and think of them with all our respects and loves to all farmers and fishers from the heart of Tokyo.



November 8th (Sat) 11:00~19:00
November 9th (Sun) 11:00~18:00

・Main Site

Roppongi Hills Arena

・Special Sites

 -November 1st~21st ISETAN Main Building
 -November 1st, 2nd JAPAN FOOD FESTA 2014 (Marunouchi Building 1F MARUCUBE)
 -November 8th, 9th  Farmers & Kids Festa 2014 (Hibiya Park)
 -Novemver 9th ABC Cooking Studio plus international (Tokyo Midtown garden terrace 2F)
 -November 9th Oisix CRAZY for VEGGY atre Kichijoji (atre Kichijoji East B1F)
 -November 1st~21st Daichi & keats (Marunouchi Eiraku Building B1F iiyo!!)


Oisix Inc., CAFE COMPANY Inc., Higashi-no-shoku-no-kai Association


In Japan, people call autumn“the season for appetite.” There're bunch of foods in season and our appetite increases as temperatures fall.
In that season, TOKYO HARVEST was hold to express respect and gratitude for farmers
and fishers. About 35,000 people came to this event for two days this year.

A variety of contents to learn about and enjoy food took place on the center stage.
Visitors could participate in many of them, “Pounding rice cake” and
“Cooking Lesson of Dashi –Japanese Umami-” for example.
Three artists put on a live show to warm up this harvest festival.

We were pleased to serve visitors a tasty experience.
At the Marche you could find autumn food that you could feel the arrival of autumn,
from new rice to colorful fresh vegetables. A bunch of kitchen car was full of special TOKYO HARVEST dishes.
Many people enjoyed the dishes for their lunches and snacks, and bought autumn tastes for their dinners.

“Roppongi farm” was so popular with kids.
They touched Shiitake mushroom’s raw tree and picked up lotus root in the mud,
which must be unique memorable experience.
Visitors of course could take home the vegetables they get.

Art workshop to tell Thanks by art was also popular.
Visitors wrote down thanks messages on Scarecrow’s clothes and drew Fishermen’s flags.
We could get together 1,101 of thanks messages and arts. The site was filled with “ARIGATOU”!


1-13-12, Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo (Oisix Inc.)
TEL:03-5793-1207 / FAX:03-5447-2689

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